Find the Guarantor to the task!

You put the task, but you feel that it is too lazy to carry out it, but it is necessary.

Choose the Guarantor!

This person will kick you until you complete your assigned task or give up. If you surrender, you will fail your Guarantor and get a minus in your karma.

Do not give up! Win together!

System of Achievements and Progress

Every productive action must be rewarded! Weakness is punished. Improve your karma, follow the progress, earn better profiles.

Each score gives you strength, motivation, growth.

Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger! Your first badge is already in your profile – check it out!

Set tasks. Follow the habits

Whipcake – a kicking manager of tasks and habits.

Manage tasks, gather groups, join teams, participate in alliances.

Habits? Yes! Health, business, development – get used to the things that lead you to the goal. And end bad habits!

This app will change your destiny. Turn on Whipcake!


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