Benita, who is kicking me

23.02.2018 admin

In the world, there are many people who set themselves tasks for the day, for a week, for a different period and maintain a list of tasks.

Task lists are conducted in a variety of ways:

  1. Tasks keep in mind
  2. Used adhesive detachable leaves
  3. Tasks are recorded on a paper notepad
  4. Tasks are fixed in special mobile applications (to-do-list) and online services.

No problem save the task and put a reminder for the task.

There is a problem – to accomplish the task. Do it. Complete

We constantly postpone the completion of our tasks for later, at some time. Uncompleted tasks can be hanging out for months on our task lists. Until they are removed.

You just need to take and do, clear the task list for new ones. But laziness or no time.

We need a solution to the problem of procrastination.

After studying the symptoms and hearing the cry of procrastinators, we learned one thing. Some procrastinators, sloths need kicks.

It is required that someone “kicked” these people. Figuratively of course. I reminded them of their tasks and assignments.

Procrastinators are often one on one with their task and want to feel little support in their aspirations in completing cases.

For those who want to get kicks and move forward, we created a mobile application called Whipcake. In this application, living people, not robots, spur on each other in solving their problems. Send kicks “whip up!” To each other to remind you of the task.

It turns out fun!

Situations are different. Imagine you created a task and feel that you need support, a friendly kick to accomplish this task. You make the task public, open to other users – just the headline! (the task description is hidden) and find on your task a trustee (curator, supervisor, whatever you want). Of course, the term “find” has a much-expanded meaning, it’s not so simple. But in general terms – yes. On your task appears Supervisor, which periodically kicks you.

Me, for example, now kicks a girl from Spain Benita (blessed) – it’s nice, it’s responsible, it makes you act. I don’t want to cheat on Benita from Spain, she cares about me.

Next, I’ll discuss in more detail how to find my trustees or supervisors.

Nobody has won procrastination. However, this is not a reason to give up! One way to combat procrastination is to install the Whipcake application.

Vladimir (an anonymous procrastinator from

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