Free Premium version of the app until may 1, 2020

27.03.2020 admin

Whipcake motivation service distributes a Premium account for free until may 1, 2020 to all its users. You can use the privileges of the premium version of the app for a whole year. In a difficult situation with a global virus epidemic, we must remain strong and, under all circumstances, continue to move towards our goal.

If you need other people’s motivation, install the Whipcake app. there will be someone who will support you.

Together we are stronger!

You can expand your capabilities in the Whipcake app. The premium version of the app has been created for this purpose.

Differences between the Premium version and the free version:

  1. Increased number of simultaneous requests per issue per day (by default, 3 per day). In the premium account, you can send up to 20 invitations to your task.
  2. Increased number of tasks for which you can hire caretakers per day. By default, there are 3 tasks. In a premium account, up to 20 issues can have guarantors.
  3. Increased number of tasks for which you can be a Trustee at the same time. You can simultaneously be a sponsor for three tasks. In a Premium account, up to 20 issues can be bailed out.
  4. Increased number of projects/task categories. By default, there are 7 premium categories.
  5. Premium pink sticker (issued only with the premium version).
  6. Priority technical support

Install the app by may 1, 2020 and get premium access for a whole year