The task Manager is the Foundation on which the Whipcake service is based. A classic task list where you can easily add new tasks, goals,and dreams. You can set a date or alarm for the task.
And there are projects for tasks – folders for distributing tasks and goals by category.
Tasks are divided into two types:

  • private
  • public

Private tasks – your personal tasks that are not visible to other users in the app. It may be something very private that you don’t want to expose.

Public tasks – goals and tasks for which you want to get motivation and momentum from other users. For example, you have been putting off learning a foreign language for a long time, losing weight, or playing sports, and you need motivation from another person to start fulfilling your goal. You create an issue, specify “Open for kicks” in its properties, indicate the time from how many to how many you can be reminded of your goal, and publish it.

There are two ways to publish:

  1. The public issue is included in the General list of public issues. In the public list, the task is located among the tasks of other users. In this list, other users who want to help other people find suitable tasks for themselves and offer their energy for your motivation and productivity. We call them guarantors or partners.
    Issues have a title and description of the issue. If the task is public, only the title is visible in the list of public tasks, and only you can see the task description.
    Please note that in the General list of public tasks, it may get lost and take a long time to find a sponsor. Therefore, sometimes it is better to use the second method.
  2. Find a personal guarantor.

Read more about partner guarantors in the article Find a partner.