In the whipcake diary, the Sponsor motivates the Performer through motivational messages-kicks. This is a reminder from one user to another. From the Trustee to the Executor. By sending a kick, the Trustee reminds the Performer to work on the task.

The performer can send a “thank You” in response, which affects the rating in the app.

When it’s time to send a reminder about a task, the Sponsor opens the Guarantee tab in the to-do planner, selects the appropriate Performer, and clicks “Help” or “Whip up!”.

You can select a pink sticker that will be sent to the Performer. The stickers depict monsters of procrastination. Every monster has a name and a story. Five procrastination monsters are available for free, and others can be purchased in the app store.

When sending a pink sticker, you can add a personal message, which affects the Performer’s motivation and rating in the app.
The performer responds with a “thank You” message and can also add a personal message to it.

The guarantee lasts for 7 days. It is assumed that the Performer will progress to their goal or complete it within 7 days. If this does not happen, you can find a sponsor again, or stay with the same One if the movement towards the goal continues.